What's been happening at Utah Prenatal Yoga?

It’s been a while, huh?

So much has happened! Here’s the thing, I have a hard time blogging/posting on social media. It’s true. I have to pump myself up to do it and sometimes I just…can’t… So I’ve been “dark” for a few weeks but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been moving at the speed of light! Here's a recap of what's been happening at Utah Prenatal Yoga...

January kicked off in a major way with a big (and very unexpected) move into a new space. The first few weeks were bumpy while the updates were taking place and we still rocked out some great practices! Here are a few pics of the progress…

The day we had our first class! Black, Turquoise and Orange...


progress being made on the walls, I had some help picking the paint color...


The decision to consolidate my classes and hold them all at one location led me to a cool new space in Brickyard Plaza. I’m loving the new digs and many of you have been able to see the transition taking place week by week. Thanks for being patient with me while I learn how to use the heat, paper towels, water dispenser, lights…. I could go on… It's really starting to come together now and I'm excited for the finishing touches!

getting closer...


Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye...

It was hard to say goodbye to my friends at Vitalize Studio and Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. Rebecca and the incredible staff of Prenatal Massage Therapists (there are so many amazing ladies I can’t list them all!) have been great adventure-mates over the last few years. If you haven’t been in for a prenatal massage yet get in there ASAP while you still can… the last day for massage appointments is March 25th.

And the last 4 years with Angela at Vitalize Studio have been truly inspiring. When I first approached Angela and asked if I could hold a class where babies and toddlers were welcome, there was no hesitation. Like an angel from above she welcomed in our unruly style of yoga and a safe place for mammas-wanting-a-practice was created! In recent years she was our playgroup facilitator and many yogi toddlers with very short attention spans have enjoyed her delightful smile and diversion tactics. She’s still there at Vitalize, running a lovely community space and offering great massage (including prenatal massage!)


Late January was the beginning of the winter Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training session. What an amazing group of women! Mamas in Utah are so lucky to have these ladies stepping in to join an incredible community of prenatal yoga teachers. Registrations for the Summer Immersion and Fall Session are now open. You can learn more about becoming a Certified/Registered prenatal yoga teacher HERE

The second weekend module included a presentation from Susan McLaughlin with Align Integration and Movement. Susan is a brilliant Physical Therapist who specializes in prenatal and postnatal alignment. If you’re in the Salt Lake City area you are super-lucky that she’s local! If you’re not in the area you can still connect with her and check out her online offerings.

Susan teaching the group about breathing, alignment and so much more!


Remembering great times with Papa Riley!

Remembering great times with Papa Riley!

There were some sad times mixed in with the excitement of new beginnings. My dear grandfather passed away in early February and I had a lot of tears. Thanks to all of you that were sweet and supportive, for the kind messages and hugs. Hearing your own stories of love, grief and healing again were inspiring and so very helpful. It’s a lovely journey we’re on and I’m so grateful to be connected to you...

And to all of you mamas that have landed on the shores of motherhood recently, congratulations! We are thinking about you and sending good vibes. Those of you ladies that have been in the 4th class and headed back to work- you are missed and supported and loved. Rock it out.

So now you are mostly caught up on what’s been going on. If you haven’t been in to see the new space, why not?? There’s a class for you… check out the schedule and class descriptions HERE

Stay tuned for information about upcoming events at Utah Prenatal Yoga including
-Date night with Yoga and Live Music coming in April
-The Mothers circle returns in May
-Women and yoga Workshop at the SHOP in August

The adventure continues…Thanks for being a part of my journey and for letting me be a part of yours.
Forward, March! See you soon

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Alicia Poldino