Utah Prenatal Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Class held?
All classes are held in Brickyard Plaza between TJ Maxx and Kohl's (1140 Brickyard Road Suite 75. If you "map" the exact address it will lead you to the west side of the complex but the store fronts are on the east facing side of the complex) The studio is on the second level above Club Pilates and Pro Nailz. You can find the map on the Contact page or Call 385-645-5234 if you need help.

Do I need to bring my own mat/props?
We provide mats, blocks and other props. If you have your own and would like to bring them please do!

Do I need to pre-register for class?
Yes please. Some classes fill up quickly and pre-registration is suggested to hold your space (you will need to complete the same process even if you don't pre-register). The easiest way to register and pay for classes is through the Mindbody App for mobile- or via the class schedule page on this website. If you need to cancel a reservation be sure to sign yourself out at least 2 hours in advance so we can offer the spot to another mama.

I've never done yoga before, will I be able to keep up?
Yes! Classes are designed to be appropriate for all levels of fitness/experience as well as all 3 trimesters of pregnancy. If you have any concerns about your specific needs contact Alicia and we can chat about it.

Will yoga help my back pain/sciatica/round ligament pain?
Yes! A Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher has been trained for this and has experience working with specific conditions related to pregnancy. Be sure to let your instructor know about your needs BEFORE class so that you can get the most out of your practice.

I have high blood pressure/diastasis recti/pelvic floor weakness, can I still participate?
It is always best to consult your care provider about any health issues you are having. Alicia has extensive experience working with these conditions and can skillfully and effectively assist you with your individual situation. Consider arranging a one-on-one practice to go over the basics of how to practice yoga safely if you are experiencing any of these conditions.

What about yoga AFTER the baby is born? 

How soon after birth can I start doing yoga? It depends on your specific situation. It's always best to check with your care provider to be sure you have no explicit restrictions. In general, if you are out of bed, going on walks, going to the store etc. then you can attend the 4th trimester class (and we certainly recommend attending this class if you are leaving the house!) You will learn how to move safely during the first few weeks postpartum, the movement is evidence-based and safe for new mamas that are not on restricted movement orders. 

Are there age restrictions for babies or kids coming to the 4th Trimester/Mommy and Me classes? The 4th trimester class is best suited for pre-crawlers. If you have bigger kiddos that are on the move the Mommy and Me class is a better option. 

What is the difference between the 4th Trimester class and the Mommy and Me class? The 4th trimester class is dedicated time for mama to start healing and repairing the body after birth (even if it's been months or years!) The Mommy and Me class is a more of a social interaction with some yoga here and there... once the babes are on the move you look like a play structure and the yoga isn't quite as focused:)

Can my friend/sister/husband/partner/mom/dad/nanny come to the Mommy and Me classes? Anyone is welcome at the Mommy and Me class... not just Mommies:)

I have diastasis recti/pelvic floor weakness/leakage/core instability... can I still do yoga? As long as it's the appropriate kind of yoga! Not all yoga is the same and not all teachers are trained to work with these specific conditions. Some traditional yoga asanas can actually exacerbate these issues. Individual sessions or the 4th trimester class are the best options to help you address your specific needs. 

What is the individual postnatal session? If you are interested in accelerating your recovery with a plan designed specifically for you please read more here and submit a contact form for availability.