BABY study at the U of U

Have you ever wondered if your baby knows what you’re thinking? I have! That’s why I find this study so exciting. The University of Utah Child Adaptation and Neurodevelopment Lab (CAN) is conducting a study on baby affect and behavior. The BABY study will examine how a first-time pregnant woman’s mood is related to her newborn’s behavior! How cool is that? You can participate in this study if you are a first-time mom, expecting one baby and planning to deliver at the University of Utah hospital. There is compensation for participation and it’s pretty simple: One prenatal visit to the lab and a follow-up visit with you at the hospital after your baby arrives.

It’s really encouraging to see more interest and effort given to women and children’s health during the birth year. I look forward to seeing what information this study provides and applying it to prenatal yoga and preparing for birth. One of the things I love about teaching prenatal yoga is that I get to meet a lot of really neat women. I heard about this study because a mama in class is one of the principal investigators- Elisabeth Conradt, PhD. Thanks, Liz! We love what you do and want to support your efforts.

If you are eligible and interested in participating contact the CAN lab project coordinator at 801-581-6468 or at

Please share with your mama friends so we can all learn more about how we connect and impact each other… even in the womb!

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