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About Utah Prenatal Yoga

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So glad you're here! Utah Prenatal Yoga was founded with the vision that expecting mothers all over Utah would have access to great prenatal yoga classes.

Alicia Poldino founded Utah Prenatal Yoga in order to offer more support for women doing yoga in pregnancy and after birth. She is building a thriving community of prenatal and postnatal yoga teachers that will nurture women during the birth years and create more opportunities for healing, community and growth for new mothers and families.

About Alicia Poldino, Founder, Utah Prenatal Yoga

Alicia Poldino

Yoga provided a powerful and peaceful respite during my adventure into motherhood. Taking time for a yoga class that I loved helped me stay steady and focused on the big picture. I started teaching prenatal yoga when I was expecting my second son because I was inspired by how yoga had played such an important role in my transition through motherhood and pregnancy. I wanted to create a dedicated space for expecting mothers to fully connect with the physical and emotional changes that take place during the birth year. My wish is that every woman can find a place that offers support and preparation, an intentional time to connect with her strength and intuition while navigating motherhood.

I took my first yoga class in 1998 and I have explored and enjoyed various styles of yoga in the years since then. Over time I morphed into a mom and a yoga teacher. My yoga classes incorporate formal training in Anusara ® (alignment-based hatha) with my appreciation for other styles of yoga including Kundalini and Vinyasa. Finding the humor in having babies is essential to my sanity, and I sincerely believe that a consistent yoga practice can improve the experience of pregnancy, birthing, and parenting. You can expect a good (safe!) workout as well as ample relaxation in my prenatal and postnatal classes.

I’ve been blessed to have many amazing teachers, and I am grateful to every one of them. I am honored to have witnessed so many beautiful women embrace the fullness of being a mother. Most of all I am thankful for the support of my family– I love you bigger than the universe.