Utah Prenatal Yoga

Class Schedule


Single Visit $18  •  5 Pass $75  •  10 Pass $130


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Prenatal Yoga • 9:30am Tuesdays, 6:45pm Wednesdays, 9:30am Saturdays

Prenatal yoga classes are designed especially for the expecting mother. Come for the benefits of a safe and challenging workout, leave with the bonus effects of mental and spiritual preparation.

Prenatal Yoga classes are taught by a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) which means your instructor has over 85 hours (in addition to basic yoga teacher training) of education and training specific to working with expecting mothers during prenatal yoga practice.

The asana is designed especially for pregnancy and focuses on building strength and stability and targets specific muscle groups that need extra attention as your body changes. 


4th Trimester Postnatal Yoga • 9:30am Thursdays

This class is for moms that want specialized yoga instruction for healing from birth in the first weeks and months after baby arrives. We focus on healing abdominal separation, regaining pelvic floor function, breathing patterns, building core strength and introducing appropriate movement during your daily routine with baby. 

Everyone recovers differently and mamas will get the specific attention they need- A great option for those who are working with Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, Cesarean recovery, back pain or other injuries. An evidence-based approach to healing in the early postnatal period, all asana and movement is appropriate and safe for new moms, even within the first 6 weeks. Babes welcome!

How soon can you start? Always check with your care provider for guidance about your unique situation. If you are up and moving (going on walks, going out to the store etc.) we think it's a good idea to come learn how to do those things safely! 


MomStrong! Postnatal Yoga • 7:15pm Tuesdays

MomStrong! is a postnatal yoga class for moms that are ready to move toward a regular yoga practice: a traditional mixed level yoga class designed to step up the recovery and strength-building process.

While there is still focus on healing and improving core strength and pelvic floor function, the class is best suited for mamas that have healed from birth and want to take the practice to a more challenging level.

Class is structured like a traditional Hatha/Alignment practice with fun and stimulating asana that will improve your overall fitness and attitude! Come get MomStrong!


Mommy & Me- Toddler Yoga

Keep and eye on the schedule for special events, workshops and camps designed especially for toddlers!


Postnatal In-Home Sessions

Don’t wait 6 weeks to start moving your body- You can start the recovery process right away! Start healing your body and restoring the optimal functions of the pelvic floor, core muscles and breath as a part of the postpartum recovery period. Exercises are introduced based on the type of delivery and the nature of recovery.

This option is especially beneficial for those recovering from cesarean birth, tissue trauma, scheduling challenges or those who prefer a private setting as they introduce movement after birth. A mindful and evidence-based approach to healing can help you get back to your favorite things with the confidence that you are moving safely and effectively. 

In-home session appointments are limited and book 3-4 months prior to the birthday. Options for individual sessions at the studio are also available.