Mom, is this a yoga thing?

My kids have seen me do yoga. A lot. Everywhere. Mostly they paid no attention to it. But there came a day when they started showing some interest in what I was doing. They asked about it, they tried out the poses, they got bored and wandered off to the next thing. One day my youngest son struck the most outrageous pose- something in between down dog and scorpion- and asked me "Mom! is this a yoga thing?" and so it began....

is this a yoga thing 02.jpg

I love the times I can get a photo of them doing "yoga things" but mostly I love that they have seen and participated in something that means so much to me. I hope they keep up with the yoga things, and if they don't at least I've got a few great photos of how we were in these sweet and youthful days.

is this a yoga thing 01.jpg

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Alicia Poldino