Belly Blessings with Henna Art

Belly Blessings for your Shower or Blessingway!

What is henna?
It's a small, flowering plant used to create perfumes or a fine powder used for dying clothing or as a temporary dye on skin. Many cultures consider henna an art form and it is used to decorate doorways for good luck and prosperity or on the hand/body for weddings to bless the bride with joy, beauty and commitment. Creating a belly henna design is meant to bless the mother and baby with a safe, peaceful and joyful birth. 

I'm so excited to offer this special experience for expecting mothers- It can be a part of your baby shower or blessing way ritual or can be it's own event specifically as a belly blessing (with additional henna art to connect the special people in attendance with your belly blessing) I use a special, organic brand of the powder and make the paste myself to ensure that it's safe and non-toxic (don't order those henna kits online!!)

The design is created based on what intentions, thoughts and energies you want to have with you during the birth. If you want to incorporate this sweet and powerful art in your birth experience send me a note:)